Allergic to Happiness? Trying to overcome depression.

I had a bad reaction to my antidepressants. As a teenager I tried Lexapro. Just this year I tried Zoloft. Both drugs are SSRIs, meant to increase Serotonin (the happy chemical) in the brain. Both times I took the smallest dosages possible, and both times I suffered from "Serotonin Syndrome"- a series of side effects … Continue reading Allergic to Happiness? Trying to overcome depression.

January Lows: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Both the temperature and my energy are low. January is always the hardest month of the year for me. My Seasonal Affective Disorder is in full swing, but I can't distract myself with thoughts of the holidays. The days are short, the weather miserable, and my motivation is non-existant. Everything from work to household chores … Continue reading January Lows: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Every 3 Years

I have seizures every three years. To be specific, I have psychogenic nonepileptic seizures every three years. Ranging from mild hand twitches to full-body convulsions, these seizures spasms are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and sometimes even terrifying. Every time it rears its ugly head, I feel like a battered marionette. The way I spasm, twitch, and convulse … Continue reading Every 3 Years

A Different Kind of Self Possessed

*Trigger warning: mentions of seizures, demonic possession, death, and night terrors* Halloween is approaching, and the veil is thinning. Spooky season is upon us once again, so the time for ghost stories, scary movies, and witchy-workings. Last night, some friends and I had a Halloween Slumber Party (yes, even though we all in our late … Continue reading A Different Kind of Self Possessed

Week Off: Dealing with S.A.D.

I have depression as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you've been following my blog for awhile, I've mentioned both several times. The way my usual depression differs from S.A.D. is in it's intensity. My depression is like allergies: annoying, always present, and occasionally has a huge flare up before dying back down to general … Continue reading Week Off: Dealing with S.A.D.