A Day In Life

One person's great day is another person's terrible one. I don't just mean this as an "the world is what you make it" sort of deal, though that is true. I just mean that the world keeps turning bring different experiences to every person on Earth. Everyone is living their own complex lives in which … Continue reading A Day In Life

You May Be Right

Writing Challenge: July 26, 2018 Prompt: What song reminds you of your most recent ex. If he had a theme song it would be “You May Be Right” by Billy Joel. We joked about it in high school- how perfectly the lyrics fit him. Even the line about “riding his motorcycle in the rain”. That … Continue reading You May Be Right

Not Like a Flower

Writing Challenge: July 14, 2018 Prompt: "She wasn't fragile like a flower. She was fragile like a bomb." She was fragile, but not a porcelain, not like glass. You weren’t afraid of breaking her. You weren’t afraid of crushing her or causing her to shatter. No. She wasn’t fragile in that way. She wasn’t fragile … Continue reading Not Like a Flower

Role Model

Writing Challenge: May 13, 2018 Prompt: Are you a role model for anyone?   When she told me I was her role model I was taken aback. Me? A role model? How? Why? We had been friends since high school, for 8 years now. I am not older, I’m not any more accomplished, I’m not … Continue reading Role Model

What is Kindness?

Writing Challenge: April 19, 2018 Prompt: Describe kindness Kindness is compassion. It is empathy and generosity. It is listening, sharing, and understanding. It is soft, warm, and light. Kindness is the smallest acts, words, or gestures that brighten lives. It is the unnecessary necessity. It is often overlooked, and underappreciated, but most influential part of … Continue reading What is Kindness?

Loud and Shy

writing Challenge: April 4, 2018 Prompt: Are you loud, outgoing, or shy? I am loud, but insecure. When in a new situation I will either react with bravado or retreat within myself. I am outgoing when I need to be- when I need to get things done, be productive, or move around. I can network … Continue reading Loud and Shy

Him and Her

Writing challenge: Jan 15, 2018 Prompt: Write a character's description once from the perspective of someone in love with them and another from the perspective of someone who hates them. *I wrote 2 characters- male and female* She is full of life- energetic, carefree, and spontaneous. There is something intoxicating about her laugh and something … Continue reading Him and Her

Island of the Lost

writing challenge: Nov 21, 2017 Prompt: Write about a lost object (I went a bit off topic) There are many tales about an island of lost things- a place that somehow attracts the mislaid, misused, and misguided. People and things alike wash up upon shores made up of millions and billions of  the miscellaneous. It’s … Continue reading Island of the Lost


writing challenge: November 6, 2017 Prompt: use a line from a favorite movie to inspire your writing Movie: The Mummy (2000)                       Scene: Evie and Rick talk by the fire   I am not just some up-tight librarian. There is more to me than dust and … Continue reading Librarian

Devils- Found Poem

*This is a found poem written for a school project. Every word and line is taken from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness*   That heart of darkness, Is it not frightful? The shackled form of a conquered monster; Truth stripped of its cloak of time, The truth of the “civilized man”. Angel or a fiend? A … Continue reading Devils- Found Poem