Silent Movie Morning

I walked outside and everything was grey scale. Devoid of color, devoid of time the world was neither dark nor bright, but somewhere in-between. Silver sky reflected in white snow- contrasted by the charcoal shadows and black-tar roads. There was no color. There was no sound. No children laughing, talking, shouting- They are all at … Continue reading Silent Movie Morning

Dyed Green

Writing Challenge: August 16, 2018 Prompt: Choose a random color. Spend the next 2 minutes looking around for anything that color and write a list. Use that list to write a poem. Color: Green List: couch, stained chairs, carpets, patterns in a paint by number, tea box, basket holding coffee, my shirt, flag, posters, coffee … Continue reading Dyed Green

One Last, One Last Time

*Rough Draft*   One last, one last time. You asked me for one last, one last time. Against my better judgement I gave it to you.   One last, one last time. I fell for you one last, one last time. I knew it would end- But I loved you.   One last, one last … Continue reading One Last, One Last Time

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

Writing Challenge: Jan 22, 2018 Prompt: Write a poem each of the seven deadly sins. You cannot use their names. *Seven Deadly Sins Part 3 of 7*   I need to feel skin- Contact- And connection. Feeding the hunger- With the Taste- Touches- Sight- Sound- And smell of someone else. Filling the emptiness- And satisfying … Continue reading Seven Deadly Sins: Lust


writing challenge: Jan 4, 2018 Prompt: Write a poem or a story that answers the question "why do you fear the stars?" I never understood the fascination others had with the night sky. So dark and empty but for the small lights- They mockingly twinkle, offering no visibility. I look up at the darkness with … Continue reading Stars

Home For Christmas

He’ll be home for Christmas. I haven’t seen him since the green summer at the bay. The blue seawater off the coast- And the setting sun on the Ferry Slip- a memory to last through the lonely autumn. But, he’ll be home for Christmas- To warm me again as the days grow short and cold. … Continue reading Home For Christmas

Grandpa’s Stories

My favorite Holiday is fast approaching- THANKSGIVING! In honor of this family-gathering Holiday I thought a little family-centered poem would be in order.   A family tradition Of our own making- Grandpa’s stories told at each gathering   Tales of misadventure: Of a child, Marine, father, and grandpa, Delight and entertain the growing clan.   … Continue reading Grandpa’s Stories

Devils- Found Poem

*This is a found poem written for a school project. Every word and line is taken from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness*   That heart of darkness, Is it not frightful? The shackled form of a conquered monster; Truth stripped of its cloak of time, The truth of the “civilized man”. Angel or a fiend? A … Continue reading Devils- Found Poem

My Sailor

Oh my sailor, My sailor, across the sea Far, far from me, Where I pine and dream, But cannot be with my sailor across the sea.   Oh my sailor. My sailor, across the sea. Please think of me While I wait here for you, Patiently For my sailor across the sea.   Oh my … Continue reading My Sailor

Sick Day

Writing Challenge: Oct 20, 2017 Prompt: Write a poem that will help someone who is sick feel better. *This is fitting since I caught a virus earlier this week and had this same problem*   Stop trying to push yourself. School, work, meetings- They can wait. Get back and bed, Pile on some blankets And … Continue reading Sick Day