*A very rough-draft of a poem* Mountains: The mountains felt like walls when I arrived in Utah ten years ago. Closing me into the small valley the stony faces confined me to a foreign land. The gray fortresses, so different from the green fields I knew, were my isolated tower. Here, hidden in the valley … Continue reading Mountains

Writer’s Mania

I am convinced that all writers are unstable. The manic energy that possesses us- that thing we call "inspiration"- the frantic need to create- the voices that fill our minds with the words that flow from our mouths, our hands- those muses, those demons, those divine gods or angels- it is a possession. It's a … Continue reading Writer’s Mania

I Cried Tonight

  I cried tonight The first time since we broke us The first tears since the last time That we failed to break the curse that keeps us apart.   I cried tonight. The first time since I gave up. The first ache since I allowed numbness To replace sharp despair over how close we … Continue reading I Cried Tonight

History of an Ex

Writing Challenge: February 11, 2018 Prompt: Write something inspired by a song that reminds you of your most recent ex. Song: History by Olivia Holt   You were perfect in so many ways. Handsome, smart, and stable. We have common interests- similar tastes. We laugh and talk for hours- But I couldn’t love you.   … Continue reading History of an Ex

Seven Deadly Sins: Greed

writing challenge: Jan 21, 2018 Prompt: Write a poem about each of the deadly sins. You cannot use their names *part two of seven: Greed*   Never enough- Never too much to fill the blackhole inside. I want more- I crave more- I need more to satisfy.   Unable to earn- Unable to give- Now … Continue reading Seven Deadly Sins: Greed


We talk of monsters- Of things inhumane. Unnatural, evil creatures Lurking in the dark.   We talk of monsters- Of things unlike us. Twisted, unreal beasts- Part of another world.   We talk of monsters- As if they aren’t real. Imagined, conceived visions- figurative illusions.   We talk of monsters- But we are the monsters: … Continue reading Monsters