It Rained

I grew up on the coastal plains of Texas, where hot summer storms made music on our metal roof. I have many memories of sitting on our large front deck watching sheets of water fall front the sky, flooding the spongey ground with large puddles of water, and filling the air with that sweet smell that … Continue reading It Rained

But, you’re so pretty.

Anytime I open up to someone and tell them about my mental healthy struggles they inevitably respond one of two ways: awkward, pointed change of subject, or the response "but, you're so pretty!". The first response I understand. Mental health is a delicate subject that many people wish to avoid whenever possible, but the second … Continue reading But, you’re so pretty.

Missing Reflection

Writing Challenge: October 19, 2018 Prompt Inspiration: One day you don't see your reflection in the mirror. She didn’t disappear all at once. It started slowly. First, she bean to dissociate with her reflection. When the steam cleared after her shower, she stared at the face looking back at her and wondered who that person … Continue reading Missing Reflection

Therapy Is Terrifying: but it’s worth it

Therapy is terrifying.  When we've been sick, scared, apathetic, mixed up, confused, anxious, depressed and whatever else for years, the idea of actually addressing the root cause is frightening. Why? Because we got used to the struggles we face daily. We have come to accept the trauma as part of who we are and the … Continue reading Therapy Is Terrifying: but it’s worth it

Mysterious Spasms and Pycho-Seizures

In grade school teachers will tell you to start your stories at the beginning. Not to discount traditional teaching methods and conventional wisdom, but this is bullshit advice. Some stories only make sense in hindsight. Some stories don’t have a beginning. These stories- the ones that don’t have a starting point or an ending still … Continue reading Mysterious Spasms and Pycho-Seizures

Greatest Fear and Fatal Flaw

Writing Challenge: Sept 2, 2018 Prompt: What is your greatest fear?   I fear loneliness- but I fear dependency more. Each fear feeds the other.   I fear becoming too attached on someone who will leave. I fear relying on those who will find me a burden. I even fear that my fear causes me … Continue reading Greatest Fear and Fatal Flaw

To Kill a God

Writing Challenge: Aug 3, 2018 Prompt: How do you kill a god? It begins with inattention. The daily sacred rituals slowly start slipping away. Prayers, offerings, sacrifices- they drop from daily, to weekly, to monthly- falling ever faster. Next comes irreverence. What was once sacred is now questioned. The questions then transform to mockery. Mockery … Continue reading To Kill a God

Where is Home?

Writing challenge: April 14, 2018 Prompt: What place do your consider home?   “I want to go home” I moan while lying on my bed, wrapped in my blankets, with my face buried in my pillow. Physically, I am home. I am currently within my place of residence, but mentally, emotionally, I’m not at home … Continue reading Where is Home?


Writing Challenge: February 6, 2018 Prompt: Write about the color orange Until the 14th century the English language did not have a word for the color orange. Called yellow-red, it was believed to be something between the two hues. An un-named bastard. It didn’t receive an identity of its own with the introduction of the … Continue reading Orange

Group Think

Writing Challenge: Oct 21, 2017 Prompt: Write about feeling lost in a crowd We get carried-away when we are part of a crowd; sometimes physically, but almost always mentally. We are no longer ourselves, but part of something bigger. Our emotions feed off one-another, growing into a huge, looming monster we cannot control. One person … Continue reading Group Think