Spring Into Step: My Spring Action Guide

Winter is done. Let's enjoy the sun: Yes, this title is a pun. Winter is finally over, the weather is warming up, and the snow has finally stopped (except for the occasional snow flurry). Utah's weather being as unpredictable as it gets, we have rain, sleet, sun, and snow all in one day during spring. … Continue reading Spring Into Step: My Spring Action Guide

Rain Fall

Writing Challenge: March 23, 2018 Prompt: Write something inspired by the following word: Petrichor- the pleasant smell that often accompanies the first rain after a period of warm, dry weather. The smell of rain is a romantic notion that has inspired hundreds of candle scents. There is something soothing about the scent and the notion is … Continue reading Rain Fall

Frozen Moment

Writing Challenge: May 5, 2017 Prompt: Write about a moment you wish you could freeze forever I stared out at the valley from the pass above the river. To the right there was a frosted mint-green field. To the left the dove-grey mountains were adorned with glittering snow-beaded trees. The sky was such a pure … Continue reading Frozen Moment

Sounds of Arriving Spring

Writing Challenge Feb. 3, 2017 Prompt: Sit outside for an hour and write what you hear. It isn’t silent outside, even in this quiet suburb. There is the occasional rumble of a car passing by on the road behind the house. I stand on the back porch with our old family dog, Sassy, who doesn’t … Continue reading Sounds of Arriving Spring