Hallmark Town

I have a weird love for Spanish Fork, Utah. Not for the main part where highway 6 runs through, but for the Southern and Western half of town: away from the developing city. That part I love is Spanish Fork Main Street. For years, I couldn't put my finger on what attracted me to this … Continue reading Hallmark Town

The Traveling Ghost

Writing Challenge: Oct 2, 2018 Prompt Inspiration: Write about a ghost who travels the universe. When I died I was given a choice: I could pass through the veil to the afterlife, or I could remain in this plain of existence as a ghost. I choose the latter. The scientist in me wanted to know … Continue reading The Traveling Ghost

Bluff Utah

Writing Challenge: April 3, 2018 Prompt: Write about a trip you want to take this year. I’d like to go down to the cliff-dwellings in Bluff. Some friends and I had planned to go last year, but we never formalized our plans. I am a history nerd and a hiker. I love to learn and … Continue reading Bluff Utah

To Mother’s House We Go

It’s a long drive to mom’s. 10 hours over mountains and through valleys Over rivers and through woods. Hundreds of miles in December But, to mother’s house we went to Christmas. It’s been an unusually dry winter- Bad for our fire-hazardous, desert of a state- But good for travel. The first few hundred miles passed … Continue reading To Mother’s House We Go