Why I Don’t Promote My Blog


I work in SEO and online marketing.

For 40 hours a week, I eat, sleep, and breathe SEO strategy and analysis. I read article upon article about algorithms. I shift through hours of keyword charts, data pulls, and ranking systems. Half my life is dedicated to explaining to clients and co-worker’s alike where their SEO strategy is failing and how their website could be improved. My whole day is spent is SEO, and I love it. I enjoy my job, and I am good at it. So why don’t I apply it to my blog?

I want something of my own.

That is the simplest way to explain it. I’m not going to pretend that I’ll never attempt to publish my writing, or monetize my blog, but for now I just want this blog to be something personal and special. Somehow, promoting it would ruin that for me. For me, writing is my escape from the day to day. It is my way of making sense of the world. For me, attempting to turn writing into my main income would turn my outlet for stress into a primary stresser, which is not something I could handle.

I’m not saying passion shouldn’t be monetized.

Many artists of all fields manage to turn their passion into their livelihood. Artists exhibit a level of skill and mastery that should be admired and compensated. I will forever support artists who somehow manage to make that work-life-passion balance work. I am simply not one of those people. I couldn’t rely on my writing for my daily bread. I couldn’t only use it as a “side-hustle” at most.

It’s important to keep my life and job separate.

I am not ashamed of my job or my hobby, though I don’t allow them to cross over much. I don’t apply SEO principles to my writing, because that would change the style and purpose of my blog. Likewise, I don’t do copy-writing because I don’t want to burn myself out with words. With my job, I get to help small businesses promote themselves online. With my writing, I find and outlet to express myself, and maybe help other people who read my work and relate to my struggles. Both my job and my hobby fill me with satisfaction, as I operate now. Maybe one day I will decide to change things up, but for now I like the idea of my little blog remaining a hidden little gem that a few people may stumble across by chance.

4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Promote My Blog

  1. Hi, could completely identify with what you said given my own proclivities. My humble suggestion considering you don’t overlap, if you could explain SEO for blogs for the layman as a post,it would be great.
    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing


  2. You took the words right out of my mouth. For some of us, writing is its own reward. And I do love the idea of a reader finding my blog by chance, as I have found yours.

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