Publication Announcement

It’s official: I am getting published!

A small, non-profit, all-volunteer, fantasy magazine in the United Kingdom is publishing one of my short stories. The magazine is called Noctivagant Press, you can check out their website here:

The piece I submitted is called “Lass From the Low Country”. It is a tragic tale of love and woe based on a folk song.

Though this is a small magazine, and I will not receive any payment, I am very excited for this experience. Being published by a press I have no previous association with (unlike being published by a University magazine) makes me feel like a “real writer”.

The editors at Noctivagant Press have been phenomenal to work with, and have made it their mission to make fantasy literature available to everyone. Please support your fellow writers and literary lovers by offering them your readership, and a donation if you can afford it.

Thank you all for all the love and support you have given my blog. I promise to continue giving you updates of any future publications I have in the future!

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