Wish Come True

The sun beat down on your face as you lay in the grass next to me. Your right arm rested over your eyes, while your left hand rested on my knee. Next to your head a full dandelion temptingly nodded it’s cotton head. I reached across your sleeping form, careful not to disturb your slumber, as I plucked the delicate bloom.

I looked down at your fingers clutching the hem of my skirt, and looked at your lips curved in a slight smile in your sleep, and held my wish to my lips. The breeze carried the remnants of my of my dreams away into the future; the perfect wish for a perfect day.

It’s been 3 years from that spring afternoon. I realize now that my wish came true. But now as I watch you sleep in our bed, I realize that I forgot that wish that I would also stay in love with you.

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