Picturesque October: When rain feels like smooth jazz

Last week a cold front moved in, bringing in crisp air and ample rain.

The skies are silver and gray. The mountains, half hidden by mists, are dusted with snow. Red and gold laves are falling from the trees to dance on the wind. In other words, the landscape is picturesque. Life feels as soothing and slow as smooth jazz. As if time is floating along on a mellow tempo, and the world feels like a Hallmark movie set.

When the rains came trickling in, I was at the farmer’s market.

On Saturday mornings,I run a booth at the farmer’s market. I enjoyed the view of the Rocky Mountain’s red and orange foliage from the park, only a few short miles from the canyon’s mouth. The cloudy skies contrasted beautifully with the golden leaves of the oak tree, and the purple sage bushes that line the space. Booths with popped canopies beacon shoppers to visit and see their wares. Families with small children, young couples on dates, older folks with their dogs, and groups of friends strolled through the park with their bright sweaters and umbrellas. A light drizzle sat on pumpkins, tomatoes, apples, and pears like small crystals- only enhancing the beauty of the farm fresh produce. A few short days later, the Monday night market was met with the same rains. Yet, rather than dampening spirits, the sunset market was even more beautiful. The stringed lights on a rainy night looked like a painting. The smell of hot cider and hot cocoa filled the air as steam rose from dozens of cups. It was a cold and wet evening, but a magical one all the same.

I find my life easier to live when the rain falls.

Each morning I wake up to a the soft trapping of the tree branch on my window. I pull on a cozy sweater, and get ready to work. I make a cup of coffee and add a cinnamon stick and a clove for extra spice. My job is often stressful, but working from home has made it far more bearable. Now, I can pause to watch the wind rustle my neighbor’s cheery tree branches, and watch the rain fall onto the grass and nourish my herb garden. I don’t have to wear headphones while I play smooth jazz to add ambiance to my workspace, and my cat sits on my desk watching me work. “I can work like this” I think to myself by lunch.

But a quiet evening at home is the best part of rain.

The rain continues to patter outside, and the wind whistles in the chimney. The temperature continues to drop as the silver skies fade to black- but I don’t mind. I am happy to spend a quiet evening at home. Maybe I will turn out the light, burn a chair spice candle, and watch a movie. Maybe I will curl up in a blanket and read a book. Maybe I’ll work a painting, or a short story I haven’t touched in days. The comforting trickle of rain relaxes and inspires me to do it all- but all in good time. There is no rush, no deadlines, and no troubles in the world of picture perfect Octobers.

I find myself wishing the rain never stops.

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