Poetic Struggle

There’s so many thoughts I cannot put into words.

Sometimes the struggle is in finding an original way to express thoughts already spoken: the happiness of a bright sunflower in the summer, the melancholy of toy in the rain, the butterflies in the stomach and heart in your throat for nerves. We know what to image when the imagery is used, and We know the emotions the metaphors are meant to express. These lines have become cliché, but have they become less real to us from their overuse? Must an experience be unique to be considered valid art?

But too unique becomes disconnected.

Some connections made by the semi-conscious mind may not exist in the realm of language. The parallels we see in the universe, or in our lives, can be impossible to explain. It’s like building a puzzle with a million pieces but no picture on the box: you know they fit, but aren’t sure how. How do you capture abstract thought? To make real that which doesn’t exist? The best you can do is create an imitation. A mere sketch of the original masterpiece.

And what if I do get it on paper?

Even if I can find words to convey what I think, see, and feel- how do I know if I did it right? What is “good” poetry and who decides? Does the rating depend on the content, or the composition? Is it about the substance or the style? It’s easy to say it doesn’t matter. “Write from the heart, and the words will come!” But every artist wants to accomplish something: to connect, to inspire, to comfort, to educate, or deconstruct. I am an artist who uses words as a canvas, and so I wonder-

Will the words I find ever be good enough?

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