The Golden Sun and the Silver Moon

Once, there was only the Golden Sun and Silver Moon in the great black sky.

The constant Sun loved the ever-changing Moon, and the Moon returned the Sun’s love.
For many thousands of years, they were content with only one another, until a time came that they wished to grow their love even greater. 

“If we could be so happy with just us two, how much happier would we be with more to love?” They said to one another, and so they created the rest of the heavens.

Their happiness increased as they began to fill the sky with their creations, but their love had taken root and soon began growing out of their control.

The universe around them flourished. It wasn’t long before their children began to have children of their own. The Silver Moon and the Golden Sun were always shining for their children and grandchildren giving them all their love. As more stars and planets filled the sky the golden Sun and the silver Moon gave more and more of their light, until they started fading. 

They loved the planets that teamed with life, and the stars that twinkled so beautifully, but how could they shine when they were giving so much? They couldn’t bring themselves to destroy the universe that they had so lovingly created, and so they decided they couldn’t shine together all the time. 

The Golden Sun and the Silver Moon decided to take turns in the sky. During the day the sun beamed his bright rays so the sky would be filled with nourishing light. At night the Moon would emit her soothing glow to keep the sky from falling into blackness. At Dawn and Dusk the Sun and Moon would tenderly embrace, sharing the sky for a time as they exchanged places. 

And so, the Universe came to have night and day, as the Silver Moon and the Golden Sun loved each other so much, they would fill the sky alone so the other could rest.

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