My Magic Birthday Comet

If there was ever a time to believe in magic, it would be tonight. Today, I turned 25 years old, and tonight is the night of the Christmas Comet. I've always looked for the mystical and fantastical in small things. Little bits of luck, coincidence, and beauty in the every-day always felt like more. I … Continue reading My Magic Birthday Comet

Holiday Surprise

Writing Challenge: Dec 26, 2017 Prompt: Review your day, week, or month in a poem Day Chosen- Dec 16 He tells me he won’t make it. I had been singing “Home for Christmas” for days, And he will be- Home for Christmas, that is- Just not for my birthday. “I tried” he says, and I … Continue reading Holiday Surprise


Writing Challenge: Oct 17, 2017 Prompt: write something inspired by birthdays It was my 10th birthday- December 16, 2003. The crowded school bus stopped at the end of our street, where a group of us would exit to finish the walk down the street. There was a moment before the doors squealed open. Mid-way down … Continue reading Birthday