My Magic Birthday Comet

If there was ever a time to believe in magic, it would be tonight. Today, I turned 25 years old, and tonight is the night of the Christmas Comet.

I’ve always looked for the mystical and fantastical in small things. Little bits of luck, coincidence, and beauty in the every-day always felt like more. I always believed that magic exists, it’s just subtle and small. It’s more about HOW we see things rather than what we see. Tonight I choose to see this comet as my own magical, birthday card from the universe.

Tonight I’m going to Sundance Ski Resort with two of my closest friends to get a few drinks and watch the comet pass. Sundance, and the canyon the resort resides in, is amazingly beautiful and the perfect place to see the stars. Im lucky to live so close to such a beautiful place.

Wherever you are, find a peaceful place tonight to look up at the sky. Whether it’s your local park, a nearby field, your backyard, or the parking lot outside your apartment. It’s my birthday wish this year that everyone gets to see a little magic tonight. Please, make my wish come true.

Happy Holidays!

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