Completed Journal: February 2019

I'm a writer: a scribbler, a chronicler, a note-taker- whatever you want to call it, it fits. Some people love to write on their computers, tablets, or phones, but I still love old-fashioned paper and ink. I carry around a journal with me almost everywhere I go. There isn't a plan or any organization to … Continue reading Completed Journal: February 2019

Honest Journaling

Writing Challenge: July 15, 2018 Prompt: What prevents you from completely honest journaling?   Even in my personal journals- I lie. I omit and smudge the truth, because I am afraid of bare honesty. I am afraid that one day, other people may see who I am. But even worse, Far, far worse. I am … Continue reading Honest Journaling

Ideal Life

Writing Challenge: July 7, 2018 Prompt: What is your ideal life? In my ideal life I am stable. I have a comfortable and well-maintained home. I have a comfortable bed, a decent kitchen, and an office to work in. I have a job I enjoy and that pays for my needs and occasional wants. I … Continue reading Ideal Life

Dreams: Birds, Ex-Boyfriends, Puppies, and Floods

I found an old dream journal I used to keep and decided to share some of my dreams. They are usually pretty weird or oddly symbolic, which make them very interesting to tell. Dec 9, 2012 There is an eagle and a hawk of the same size. The hawk captures the eagle by the neck. … Continue reading Dreams: Birds, Ex-Boyfriends, Puppies, and Floods