Completed Journal: February 2019

I’m a writer: a scribbler, a chronicler, a note-taker- whatever you want to call it, it fits.

Some people love to write on their computers, tablets, or phones, but I still love old-fashioned paper and ink. I carry around a journal with me almost everywhere I go. There isn’t a plan or any organization to my notebook other than a few lists I’ll refer back to from time to time. Instead, I write down my fleeting thoughts, observations, quotes, or anything that strikes me on the next blank page.

One thing you may or may not know about writers, or artists, or creative types in general, is that we are extremely picky. I am selective about how and where I record my thoughts. No mere college-ruled, spiral notepad inspires my writing the way a bound book can. No childish kitten plastered on the cover (no matter how adorable the kitten is) will bring me peace of mind. When I find a journal I connect with, a journal that looks and feels like me, I don’t just want to fill it’s pages- I feel that I need to. There is something both humbling and encouraging about finding a journal that speaks to your heart, mind, and soul. I feel a similar way about pens. When the glossy ink glides across the page, when the pen feels comfortable in my hand- I feel liberated. The most mundane day, the darkest thoughts, the smallest observations, the happiest occurrences are validated by that glistening ink as it dries on the page.

Don’t get me wrong, in a pinch, when inspiration strikes, any writing instrument or scrap of paper will do- but I almost immediately transfer those scrambled bits to my carefully selected place. Notes from my phone are written on thick pages. Pencil scratches are transformed into permanent ink. Somehow this process brings an indescribable comfort to me: as the ritual of writing can bring meaning to chaos. The physicality of holding a book filled with my thoughts, created by my hands, anchors me.

So, now my I’ve filled my latest journal with half-baked ideas. I plan to flip through and refine some of the poems, complete some of my ideas, and start some of my proposed projects. Of course, as always, I’ll share my progress with you.

How many of you keep a journal, a writer’s notebook, or anything similar? Do you prefer electronic or physical? What do you use it for? These are a few burning questions I have for you. Whether you choose to share or not, thank you for reading!

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