Silent Movie Morning

I walked outside and everything was grey scale. Devoid of color, devoid of time the world was neither dark nor bright, but somewhere in-between. Silver sky reflected in white snow- contrasted by the charcoal shadows and black-tar roads. There was no color. There was no sound. No children laughing, talking, shouting- They are all at … Continue reading Silent Movie Morning

Morning Wardrobe

Writing Challenge: February 24, 2018 Prompt: Open your protagonists wardrobe. Write about what you see “It’s too early for this.” Jade grumbled as she stumbled to her closet door and pulled the paint-chipped door open. Jeans were haphazardly folded and stacked on the top shelf, threatening to tumble onto their drowsy owner’s head. A plethora … Continue reading Morning Wardrobe

Morning Miracles

Writing Challenge: Jan 12, 2018 Prompt: What are some everyday miracles? The sun rose this morning- as it does every morning. My heater ran, keeping the chill out of the house As I lay snuggled, warm, in my bed. My cellphone’s alarm went off- I turned on an electric light- Took a hot shower- And … Continue reading Morning Miracles


Writing Challenge: June 17, 2017 Prompt: Write about the smells and sights in a bakery. *note: I didn't pay much attention to the prompt and ended up writing about the smells and sounds of a bakery instead* Bang!  Clash! Clang! The mornings in a bakery begin long before sunrise. The bagels and buns must be … Continue reading Bakery