Silent Movie Morning

I walked outside and everything was grey scale.

Devoid of color, devoid of time

the world was neither dark nor bright,

but somewhere in-between.

Silver sky reflected in white snow-

contrasted by the charcoal shadows and black-tar roads.

There was no color. There was no sound.

No children laughing, talking, shouting-

They are all at school sitting at their desks.

No runners running or dogs barking-

they all huddle warm inside their homes.

No, the neighborhood was as still and muffled as the sun above-

visible but muted by the even silver clouds-

like a silent film in black and white.

I paused on the front porch steps-

acclimating myself to this bizarre stillness.

Only the wind blowing through the naked trees

assured me  I was not still dreaming.

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