Writing Challenge: April 23, 3018 Prompt: Explain the tides As the Moon rises and the Sun sets, the oceans are pulled by the great love of their divine parents: running from the warm radiance of the Sun, to the comforting glow of the Moon and back to the Sun again. The tragedy of the Sun … Continue reading Tides

Why The Sky is Blue

writing challenge: February 9, 2018 prompt: write a myth that explains why the sky is blue In the beginning the Earth was covered with water. Deep, mysterious, and blue- the Ocean’s waves glittered in the Sun and glowed by the Moon. the Sky, who held the Sun and Moon above the Earth watched the beautiful … Continue reading Why The Sky is Blue

My Sailor

Oh my sailor, My sailor, across the sea Far, far from me, Where I pine and dream, But cannot be with my sailor across the sea.   Oh my sailor. My sailor, across the sea. Please think of me While I wait here for you, Patiently For my sailor across the sea.   Oh my … Continue reading My Sailor

Under the Sea

Writing Challenge: Aug 22, 2017 Prompt: Write about ocean creatures We know less about the ocean on this planet than we do about the space around this planet. The parallel between space and the seas are paramount: both are unimaginably vast, but fathomlessly empty. One could travel for hours, or even days and see nothing. … Continue reading Under the Sea

The Ferry Slip

We missed the ferry. We watched as it sailed away from the slip. The next wouldn’t come for another hour, but it was a beautiful evening in the Pacific Northwest. The temperature was just right: a cool 65. The sun was setting over the bay reflecting orange and gold in the water as the tide … Continue reading The Ferry Slip