Why The Sky is Blue

writing challenge: February 9, 2018

prompt: write a myth that explains why the sky is blue

In the beginning the Earth was covered with water. Deep, mysterious, and blue- the Ocean’s waves glittered in the Sun and glowed by the Moon. the Sky, who held the Sun and Moon above the Earth watched the beautiful blue waters day after day, harboring jealousy. While the ocean was deep with blues and greens and grays- the sky was bland: white in the day, black at night, and grey in-between. The only beauty the sky had was when the Sun and Moon shone. The sky’s jealousy continued to grow like the ocean’s swelling waves- until one day, the sky stole the ocean’s color.

One morning, the sun rose in a blue sky over a gray ocean. That night, the Moon shone in a dark-blue canvas over black water. The ocean- saddened by its loss of color, grew sullen. The sky, gladdened by it’s vibrancy, was more cheerful than ever before.

The Sun and Moon, having seen what occurred, did nothing- wanting Sky to learn a lesson about jealousy and selfishness. They said nothing but watched as the Sky’s joy began to wane. Seeing Ocean’s sadness, Sky stopped shining blue and filled with gray clouds reflecting the now dull ocean. The Ocean stopped waving to Sky, instead resting in still sullenness at the betrayal of a close friend. The Sky wept at such a loss and the land began to flood from the rain that poured down until finally the Sky begged the Sun, Moon, and Ocean for forgiveness.

“I’m so sorry Ocean. I didn’t mean to hurt you! I was so jealous of your beauty. Oh Please, please forgive me!” Sky wailed to Ocean, still pouring out tears.

“You are my friend, of course I forgive you!” Ocean replied. “I didn’t know you were so sad. I don’t want you to be unhappy either. Why don’t we share the color blue?”

Sun and Moon, seeing the two friends reunited were happy with this compromise. Ocean was soon blue, and green, and gray again- waving happily to the Sky. The Sky happily reflected Ocean’s blue- proud to share the vibrant color with a close friend.

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