Why The Sky is Blue

writing challenge: February 9, 2018 prompt: write a myth that explains why the sky is blue In the beginning the Earth was covered with water. Deep, mysterious, and blue- the Ocean’s waves glittered in the Sun and glowed by the Moon. the Sky, who held the Sun and Moon above the Earth watched the beautiful … Continue reading Why The Sky is Blue

Lilac and Orange

I had never seen a sunset like it before; Lilac- the sky Orange- the clouds. Soft purple rimmed with blush pink- So soft and romantic, like the flowers of a bride’s bouquet. Glowing orange and lined with fiery gold Like a fire set among a meadow of flowers Burning but never harming the delicate petals. … Continue reading Lilac and Orange

Summer’s Night Sky

Cooling the air to a comfortable 65 degrees And providing a strong challenging wind, The cold front brings with it rolling, grey clouds. This atmosphere promises an early summer storm that is never delivered. Instead, the waning gibbous moon rises brightly behind the mists and vapors. There the moon prominently hangs; Allowing the condensed waters … Continue reading Summer’s Night Sky