Fear of Death

Writing Challenge: July 25, 2018 Prompt: What scares you most about dying? Death itself isn’t a terrifying concept. Everything lives, and everything dies- that’s just the way the world works. Something so common, so universal shouldn’t be terrifying- yet in it’s own way it is. Death is universal and therefore familiar, but it’s also foreign. … Continue reading Fear of Death


Writing Challenge: July 24, 2018 Prompt: What is the last picture you took? Why did you take it? Every weekend, I go out hiking in the canyons, or exploring shops downtown. Usually, I take a whole slew of pictures to keep personally or post to Instagram, but the last picture I took isn’t from these … Continue reading Picture

Summer Dance

Writing Challenge: July 18, 2018 Prompt: Describe the weather around you without describing what you see. Use your sense of taste, touch, smell, and hear. I hear ceremonial drums and bells from the Utah-Native Powwow in the university courtyard. People are laughing, chanting, and talking. There are kids laughing through the music. I breathe in … Continue reading Summer Dance

Leaving the Path

Writing Challenge: July 8, 2018 Prompt: Write about the moment you decided to leave the path It was early summer. The weather was warm, but not quite “hot” yet. The sky looked as if it couldn’t decide whether to rain or shine. I went up to one of the many canyons splitting the state, eager … Continue reading Leaving the Path

Less is More

Writing Challenge: April 6, 2018 Prompt: Write about five things you should do less 1- I should eat out less. I write this while I eat some cheap sushi I just bought. I fully recognize the irony. 2- I should drink less caffeine. Coffee and soda, I’m becoming dependent. 3- I should stress less. I’m … Continue reading Less is More

Seven Deadly Sins: Greed

writing challenge: Jan 21, 2018 Prompt: Write a poem about each of the deadly sins. You cannot use their names *part two of seven: Greed*   Never enough- Never too much to fill the blackhole inside. I want more- I crave more- I need more to satisfy.   Unable to earn- Unable to give- Now … Continue reading Seven Deadly Sins: Greed

Three Months, Three Things Unsaid

writing challenge: Jan 6, 2018 Prompt: Write 3 things he could never tell her. She hasn’t talked to me in three months. Three. This is the longest I’ve gone without hearing from her. She said she’d never speak to me again. I didn’t believe her. But now, I’m starting to think she may have meant … Continue reading Three Months, Three Things Unsaid


writing challenge: Jan 5, 2018 prompt: write a myth that explains the seasons There was once a time before any winter. Before there was cold, or frost or snow, there was a time when the world lay in eternal summer. Vivid green leaves danced merrily on trees, harvests were always bountiful, and animals were always … Continue reading Seasons


writing challenge: Jan 4, 2018 Prompt: Write a poem or a story that answers the question "why do you fear the stars?" I never understood the fascination others had with the night sky. So dark and empty but for the small lights- They mockingly twinkle, offering no visibility. I look up at the darkness with … Continue reading Stars

Time-Straddled New Years

Writing Challenge: Jan 1, 2018 Prompt: Write about New Years of 2017 and 2018 *I also wrote a long post about this New Years already if you care for further details about that night* A plain set of buildings in the middle of the desert. A gas station, bar, and casino wrapped into one. This … Continue reading Time-Straddled New Years