Half-Told Tales: My Incomplete Writing Projects

Like many writers, I have a backlog of writing.

My files and folders are stuffed with projects I’ve started, but abandoned at various stages of development. Short stories and novellas in many genres: speculative horror, suspense, fantasy, and romance, children’s books, and personal essays- all still waiting for their first draft mock-ups.

In honor of NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to bust out these old ideas and brush off the dust. In the spirit of the season, I decided to share the premise of some of these abandoned tales.

100 Mirrored Faces: A down-on-her luck woman moves into a friend’s house until she can get on back on her feet. Much to her discomfort, the house is decorated with hundreds of small, round mirrors that seem to watch and reflect on everything happening in the house. As her mental health deteriorates, she finds the reflections to be more disjointed and unbearable. How can she escape from her mind, when it stares back at her from the walls?

The Waters of Lethe: Lethe was never meant to leave her post in the underworld. The guardian of the river that shared her name, and the goddess of oblivion and forgetfulness, she served an important role in the cycle of death and rebirth. The Fates did not plan for her to find love, and everyone knows you can’t defy The Fates. But, once she meets her forbidden match, will she risk it all?

Siren Lake: Hidden between villages in the quiet countryside is a lake, unmarked by any map. Hardly larger than a pond, the waters team with golden fish and beautiful lilies. Despite its beauty, no couples picnic on its shores, and no children swim in it’s cool embrace. Instead, the villagers speak in fear of the Siren that lives among the reeds. Known for disappearing young brides, and drowning local men- the villagers keep away. For everyone in the shire knows, that when the water goes black, and the Sirens song swells, you will not leave the waters alive.

The Young House: In an average American Suburb, between two average American homes sit’s an old ranch-house from a bygone era. The old house had been abandoned for decades, and the neighborhood has grown up around it. Many find this century-old house to be an eyesore, and everyone agrees that there’s something “off” about the old bride building. Older residents even whisper that it’s cursed to bring untimely death to it’s residents. After dreaming about the house for several nights, a researcher attempts to learn the secrets of the old Young house.

The Window in the Garden: While planting carrots in the garden, a new homeowner finds a full-pane glass window buried in the soil. With some careful extraction and cleaning, the new family decides to display the antique find in their home. The family learns that this window isn’t just a piece of wood and glass, and that it was buried for very good reason.

The May Queen: Her spring trip to Ireland was only meant to last two weeks. But, after meeting a mysterious stranger in a bar on May 1st, she disappeared. Now, she’s returned nearly six months later on Halloween, with no idea memories of where she’s been. Detectives, therapists, and loved ones spend the winter helping her recover from her apparent kidnapping, and encourage her to move on with her life. But, as May approaches again she starts to have strange dreams about a handsome stranger reminding her it’s almost time to return.

Grandma Blossom’s Garden: Once upon a time there was a little village at the edge of a big forest. At the edge of this village, there was a little cottage. Around this little cottage, there was a big, beautiful garden. And in the cottage, surrounded by the big garden, lived a little old woman called Grandma Blossom. Everyone in the village loved Grandma Blossom and the flowers in her garden. And she loved to take a basket of her beautiful flowers into the village every day to spread happiness. But, one day Grandma Blossom got sick and can’t go into town. What do the flowers and the villagers do?

Spooky the Cat: A black cat named Spooky thinks that he is bad luck. But, when a family takes him in he learns that he’s not bad luck at all! In fact, he learns that he can predict a bad day and warn his new family to prevent it.

So, here is a list of some of my started, but incomplete stories. Some of these have a full first draft, and others only have half the first draft written. What do you think? Which story do you think I should focus on first?

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