Like You

He’s nothing like you

Excerpt for the way he stands.

The same height and casual stance-

Wrapped in black jeans. 

He’s nothing like you

Except for the way he talks.

A shouted voice full of mirth

When excited in conversation. 

He’s nothing like you

Except for that face he makes.

Dark eyebrows raised, wide mouth in a smirk

When words can’t express his sense of play.

But his eyes aren’t like yours.

HIs decided gray are nothing like your uncommitted hazel-

Somehow his steel gaze hold more warmth

Then your earthen stare. 

His touch isn’t like yours.

His is steady and sure, yours hesitant and resentful. 

He always reaches for me,

When you pushed me away. 

He is nothing like you,

Except for mannerisms so familiar,

Those small associations I hope to override 

With memories of him.

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