Growing Like Time

Houses germinate like weeds,

Popping up- unwanted- in the fields.

The overgrowth has altered the landscape.

I dig through the new branches to find the routes-

Roots to anchor the present to the soil of the past. 

The old dirt road has been paved.

A thick layer of tar to smother memory lane. 

I glided over the path we once rode, rough.

Hoping to the sprouting seedlings,

That memory was planted long ago.

New faces fill new streets,

Like new trees after a forest fire.

10 years have passed with the evolution of a century. 

I walk anonymously in the crowd,

Just another shadow on the cracked sidewalk.

Nothing is lost, only evolved and changed.

The core remains untouched, like tree rings.

A tally, a testament of life.

Each passing year adds a new layer-

Marking the unending growth, like time.

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