Guardian Angel: When your guardian angel thinks your an idiot

Writing Challenge: June 30, 2018 Prompt: Your guardian angel hates you, but they still have to do their job, technically. *Warning- strong language*   God dammit! This idiot never learns! I ain’t going to help him this time. I’m not. I’m not doing it- I’m--- fuck. He’s not going to make it- I gotta save … Continue reading Guardian Angel: When your guardian angel thinks your an idiot

Hate Triangle

Writing Challenge: June 27, 2018 Prompt: Write about 3 sworn enemies trapped in a hate triangle We all entered the boardroom at the same time. We exchanged curt nods, as polite society dictates, but those nods were accompanied by hardened glares. If the enemy of my enemy is my friend I don’t know what our … Continue reading Hate Triangle


Writing Challenge: April 25, 2018 Prompt: Write about a childhood memory. My sister and I shared a pair of skates. Old, beat-up, and no longer white but now a dirty-faded shade of yellow. Sitting on the large, covered deck, we would take our beat-up skates in hand and we would each put one on a … Continue reading Skates

What Made Me Laugh

Writing Challenge: April 11, 2018 Prompt: What was the last thing that made you laugh. Pulling the trash is not a glamorous, exciting, or “fun” job. We pulled the full bags from each trash can and replaced each with a fresh bag from the roll. I was on the second to last trash can. I … Continue reading What Made Me Laugh

Like a Doll

Writing Challenge: March 7, 2018 Prompt: Write about the worst or weirdest compliment you've received.   “You’re small and pretty and look like a doll, so old men want to collect you.” I had literally no idea how I was supposed to respond to that. Several Criminal Minds episodes immediately popped in my head, making … Continue reading Like a Doll

Anime and Wine Dream

This weekend was divided between frantic homework/errand catch-up, then binging anime while finishing off an entire bottle of wine. I found that anime-wine before bed has interesting results. DREAM: I am at Mom’s in Colorado. It might be a holiday- that’s usually the only time I’m out there. I’m sitting on the couch between my … Continue reading Anime and Wine Dream


I distinctly remember emus. I remember their big black eyes and long legs. I remember their bad tempers, loud voices, and how they would charge and break at us through the fence. I remember the emus, but no one in the family ever talked about them. That’s not something you don’t talk about. I mean, … Continue reading Emu-sing

Finals Week: a poem

*Inspired by a walk through campus during finals week.*   Finals Week: A Poem   The smell of coffee and desperation is in the air. All along hallways students frantically thumb through textbooks, Mutter over notebooks, And curse over flashcards. Students pass-out on the floor, Backpacks used as pillows and jackets as blankets. I walk … Continue reading Finals Week: a poem


Writing Challenge: Nov 30, 2017 Prompt: Write about trying to convince someone of something “You know you want it.” “No- No, I shouldn’t.” “Yes, you really should. You’ve earned it.” “You’re just saying that so I’ll cave.” “Partly, but really- you’ve been working so hard. You deserve a treat.” “No. I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t.” … Continue reading Tempting

The Casserole Dish

Writing Challenge: Nov 27, 2017 Prompt: Write something inspired by a recipe *Recipe included at the bottom* My schedule is busy, so busy in-fact that on Sundays I cook all the meals I will be eating for the following week. That week, I was making a delicious spaghetti squash. I had picked up a beautiful … Continue reading The Casserole Dish