Finals Week: a poem

*Inspired by a walk through campus during finals week.*


Finals Week: A Poem


The smell of coffee and desperation is in the air.

All along hallways students frantically thumb through textbooks,

Mutter over notebooks,

And curse over flashcards.

Students pass-out on the floor,

Backpacks used as pillows and jackets as blankets.

I walk through the library on my way to get lunch.

The library is filled to the brim with anxious students.

Tables crack under the weight of laptops, books, and loose-leaf paper.

In one corner the nervous eater munches their way through a bag of chips.

In another, the paper-tearer builds a pyramid of notebook scraps.

Everyone is hunched over their work.

The tension is deafening.

In a few more days the halls will be deserted-

The library empty-

The tables spotless.

The parking lot full of empty spaces.

In just a few more days- it will be over.



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