Writing Challenge: April 25, 2018

Prompt: Write about a childhood memory.

My sister and I shared a pair of skates. Old, beat-up, and no longer white but now a dirty-faded shade of yellow. Sitting on the large, covered deck, we would take our beat-up skates in hand and we would each put one on a tiny foot. She would take the left, and I, the right. We couldn’t skate together without sharing, so we created a game- each of us wearing one skate, a sort of three-legged race on wheels. We would race each other, and races imaginary teams together with our one-a-piece skates. Her left-foot and my right, wheeling us along while her right-foot and my left kept balance and an old battery-powered stereo played our favorite cassette tapes. Eventually, we outgrew those hand-me-down skates, but we still remember our silly game.

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