Observations On a Late Night Drive

-Being inside your car is like being in your own separate world. It's a small, temporary, transitional space. It's even more intimate that someone's home. In a car you go to work, school, date nights, and home. You use it to escape, to come back, to leave and to return. It is how we get … Continue reading Observations On a Late Night Drive


I distinctly remember emus. I remember their big black eyes and long legs. I remember their bad tempers, loud voices, and how they would charge and break at us through the fence. I remember the emus, but no one in the family ever talked about them. That’s not something you don’t talk about. I mean, … Continue reading Emu-sing

Finals Week: a poem

*Inspired by a walk through campus during finals week.*   Finals Week: A Poem   The smell of coffee and desperation is in the air. All along hallways students frantically thumb through textbooks, Mutter over notebooks, And curse over flashcards. Students pass-out on the floor, Backpacks used as pillows and jackets as blankets. I walk … Continue reading Finals Week: a poem

Group Think

Writing Challenge: Oct 21, 2017 Prompt: Write about feeling lost in a crowd We get carried-away when we are part of a crowd; sometimes physically, but almost always mentally. We are no longer ourselves, but part of something bigger. Our emotions feed off one-another, growing into a huge, looming monster we cannot control. One person … Continue reading Group Think