Observations On a Late Night Drive

-Being inside your car is like being in your own separate world. It’s a small, temporary, transitional space. It’s even more intimate that someone’s home. In a car you go to work, school, date nights, and home. You use it to escape, to come back, to leave and to return. It is how we get from one point to another- and that state of transition is something that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

-Snowy mountains gleam in the moonlight, almost shining against the dark sky. You can’t help but look at them and how they stand out: tall, bright, and majestic.

-When it snows after sundown instead of everything getting darker, it gets brighter. The sky turns to a shade of taupe as the light from the setting sun, the yellow street lamps, and the silver moon are reflected in the snow-filled air.

-Roadways look completely different at night. Everything is out of time and space as if you are in a Sci-Fi movie set. You only see the road and a few lit-up signs to the side. Without context, it’s like you are nowhere and everywhere at once. Everything is both familiar and changed, no matter how many times you driven that stretch of highway.


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