Magic isn’t about being otherworldly-- it’s about tuning in to the world. It isn’t about manipulating the universe-- it’s about understanding it. It isn’t about big, grandiose things-- it's about small, inconsequential ones. True magic is subtle, almost undetectable. It's in tiniest coincidences, occurrences, and gestures that change everything. Magic is in the compassion of … Continue reading Magic

Scent of Moonlight

Writing Challenge: October 20, 2018 Prompt Inspiration: What does moonlight smell like? The scent carries faintest anticipation of the morning dew yet to come mingle with the soft breezes still holding the best traces of the day before. It’s both hopeful and comforting- soothing and inspiring. Moonlight smells like magic: like lavender and sage, like … Continue reading Scent of Moonlight

Missing Reflection

Writing Challenge: October 19, 2018 Prompt Inspiration: One day you don't see your reflection in the mirror. She didn’t disappear all at once. It started slowly. First, she bean to dissociate with her reflection. When the steam cleared after her shower, she stared at the face looking back at her and wondered who that person … Continue reading Missing Reflection

I Didn’t Miss Him

Writing Challenge: September 10, 2018 Prompt: "In the end I didn't miss him, I missed the memories from before"   In the end, I didn’t miss him- not in the way everyone thought I did anyway. I didn't miss him, but I missed feeling secure. I missed feeling carefree. I missed feeling that my life … Continue reading I Didn’t Miss Him

We’re Not Twins

Writing Challenge: September 3, 2018 Prompt: Write something inspired by the line: "No, we're not twins". 10 months and 2 days- we had that line memorized from near infancy. Whenever my Mom would take us out we were inevitably asked if we were twins. This frequent question was likely exacerbated by my mother’s tendency to … Continue reading We’re Not Twins

Greatest Fear and Fatal Flaw

Writing Challenge: Sept 2, 2018 Prompt: What is your greatest fear?   I fear loneliness- but I fear dependency more. Each fear feeds the other.   I fear becoming too attached on someone who will leave. I fear relying on those who will find me a burden. I even fear that my fear causes me … Continue reading Greatest Fear and Fatal Flaw

My Personal Motto

Writing Challenge: August 31, 2018 Prompt: Write your best life advice in 4 words or less.   Always get back up. You may jump up right away, or you may need some time- but always get back up. You may have to start out sitting up, then kneeling, then bending, then finally standing- but you … Continue reading My Personal Motto

Taste of Blue

Writing Challenge: August 29, 2018 Prompt: What does blue taste like? Blue tastes sweet- artificially so. A color not occurring naturally in any food humans eat (not even in blueberries which are actually purple). Our attempts to dye our foods this color has caused up to become heavy-handed with the sugars. The color of the … Continue reading Taste of Blue

Sweltering Anticipation

Writing Challenge: August 1, 2018 Prompt: Write something inspired by the sentence: "It was one of those sweltering nights where anything could happen." Many apartments in the valley don’t have centralized air conditioning. Tenants content themselves with swamp-coolers and window units the best they can in the high days of summer and wait impatiently for … Continue reading Sweltering Anticipation

How to Relax

Writing Challenge: July 30, 2018 Prompt: How do you relax? Some days I take a walk- the feeling of the ground under my feet in a steady rhythm as I explore familiar spaces eases my mind. Some days I curl up on the couch and read a book. Letting the world slip away as I … Continue reading How to Relax