Gray Represents Life

Gray is the color of neutrality, nuance, and ambiguity.

Maybe that’s why so many people dislike it. People like clear-cut sides and answers; they crave the simplicity of black and white. Gray is more complicated than that. It blurs the lines with it’s many shades. You could call it “indecisive”, but I find it to be indicative of truth and all it’s multifaceted forms.

Gray is the color of storm clouds and mountains.

Gray can be hard, sharp, and harsh as steel. It can also be as soft, smooth, and comforting as wool. It can be as bright as the moon, or as dark as the a granite stone. It’s cold as a winter morning and as warm as a fire’s ashes. The color gray is as much a part of nature as lively green and brilliant yellow, but it is often overlooked. Yes, gray is the color of dust- but it also the color of a raw diamond.

Gray is the color of quiet contemplation.

It’s the color of steam rising from a cup of tea, and the color of the raindrops falling against the window. It’s the color of computer keyboards, graphite pencil sketches, and faded ink. The color gray can be as analytical as slate, or as whimsical as wind. It’s an unassuming color that leaves space for interpretation and imagination.

Gray is my favorite color, because it’s everything I need it to be.

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