Where Humans Came From

Writing Challenge: March 8, 2018 Prompt: Write a myth about where humans came from When life was first created on Earth, animals and plants flourished magnificently under the careful guidance of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. These loving entities doted upon the lives they created- watching ocean creatures swim, avian creatures soar, and … Continue reading Where Humans Came From

Why the Grass is Green

Writing Challenge: February 20, 2018 Prompt: Write a myth explaining why the grass is green When Earth was young, and life was still forming everything was brown and blue: everything wet was blue and everything dry was brown. The world was beautiful in its own simple way- but the Sun and Moon felt that something … Continue reading Why the Grass is Green

Sun and Moon Rise and Set

Writing Challenge: February 18, 2018 Prompt: Write a myth that explains why the sun rises and sets. Once there was only the Sun and Moon in the great black sky. In their loneliness, they created the rest of the heavens. Their love of living things was so great that the universe around them flourished and … Continue reading Sun and Moon Rise and Set

Siren of the Lake

Writing Challenge: February 12, 2018 Prompt: Write something inspired by a dream Siren of the Lake part 1: When her father refused the match, she and her lover planned to run away. She was rich and he was poor- but she loved him so much. She took the bridal clothes she and her mother had … Continue reading Siren of the Lake

Why The Sky is Blue

writing challenge: February 9, 2018 prompt: write a myth that explains why the sky is blue In the beginning the Earth was covered with water. Deep, mysterious, and blue- the Ocean’s waves glittered in the Sun and glowed by the Moon. the Sky, who held the Sun and Moon above the Earth watched the beautiful … Continue reading Why The Sky is Blue

Death Cycle

Writing Challenge: Jan 28, 2018 Prompt: Write a myth that explains why we are born and why we die. Once upon a time the Sun and the Moon lived alone in the vastness of space. They loved each other dearly, but found that their life together was incomplete in the emptiness of the dark vacuum. … Continue reading Death Cycle


writing challenge: Jan 5, 2018 prompt: write a myth that explains the seasons There was once a time before any winter. Before there was cold, or frost or snow, there was a time when the world lay in eternal summer. Vivid green leaves danced merrily on trees, harvests were always bountiful, and animals were always … Continue reading Seasons


writing challenge: Nov 1, 2017 Prompt: Write an ode to a fruit Heavy and round with vibrant, cheerful color in the midst of a bleak winter- a strange fruit whose seeds are eaten rather than the flesh. Steeped in myth of the underworld and the seasons. The tempting, succulence, of the sweet, round fruit stains … Continue reading Pomegranate

Wolves’ Song

He lay curled under an ancient pine when she first saw him. Taken in by his silver fur and powerful form she ached to move closer, to become a part of him. Enveloping him in her arms, he felt nothing but the caresses of a strong breeze. Waking from his slumber in a panic from … Continue reading Wolves’ Song