Where Humans Came From

Writing Challenge: March 8, 2018

Prompt: Write a myth about where humans came from

When life was first created on Earth, animals and plants flourished magnificently under the careful guidance of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. These loving entities doted upon the lives they created- watching ocean creatures swim, avian creatures soar, and Earth creatures run gave them great joy- but something was still missing.

Plants and animals grew and felt emotion, but they couldn’t converse with the universe. They could run and play and mourn for the dead, but they couldn’t speak or sing or laugh in a truly understandable way. “Wouldn’t it be nice?” The Sun, Moon, and Earth would say…

So, they created the human race. Together they molded bodies from the Earth. Their brains they created to be curious, industrious, and creative. Their legs they molded to run, jump, and dance. Their hands they created to be dexterous, flexible, and crafty. Their hearts they created to be compassionate, emotional, and empathetic.

Once humans were create, the Earth, Sun, and Moon rejoiced in their new creations. They loved humans’ tenacity. They were enthralled by human’s social interactions. They were touched by humans’ emotions. Yes, they were pleased by their creation.

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