Death Cycle

Writing Challenge: Jan 28, 2018

Prompt: Write a myth that explains why we are born and why we die.

Once upon a time the Sun and the Moon lived alone in the vastness of space. They loved each other dearly, but found that their life together was incomplete in the emptiness of the dark vacuum. Together they created each planet- beautiful spheres of color to brighten their home. This cheered them greatly, and for a time they admired their work with satisfaction.

The Sun and Moon each had favorite planets- The Sun loved Mercury and Venus best of all and shone bright and hot in for them. The Moon favored Earth and Mars and gave them a gift called “water”. Mercury and Venus became burning infernos- dry, rocky landscapes. Earth and Mars formed curious water-scapes called “oceans”, and “rivers”, and even beautiful, diamond-like formations called “ice”.

Earth, being closer to the Sun than Mars was able to share in some of the warmth granted to Mercury and Venus- for the Sun and Moon loved all the planet’s despite having their pet-planets. The combined love of the Sun and Moon, and the gifts granted by each created a spark on Earth called “life”. At first, life started small- but the Sun and Moon, trilled by this new phenomenon helped Earth to foster this precious development.

The Nurturing attentions of Earth, Moon, and Sun allowed for life to flourish with astonishing rapidity. Soon earth was covered in living things of all shapes and sizes. At first Earth was overjoyed with it’s unique accomplishment- no other planet had managed to do what Earth had done- but soon Earth became tired by the ever-expanding population.

Every surface was filled to capacity. Now, plants and animals competed for the ever limiting space, water, and air. Plants and animals even began to kill and consume each other to survive- for in the beginning the only way any living thing could die was by being killed by another. The violence and carnage was too much for Earth to bear- so loving Earth vowed to find a better way.

Earth consulted with the Sun and Moon. Together, it was decided to create a “Life-Cycle” for all living things. Through this life-cycle, creatures would be born, grow, live, and die- leaving space for other living things to do the same.

Many creatures had to die when Earth’s new cycle was enforced. The Earth mourned for the lost souls but was determined to see it through for the betterment of all. After several years of loss an equilibrium was reached, and Earth became happy once more. Though periodically the equilibrium will be upset- the Cycle of Life and Death- with help from the Sun and Moon, keep Earth in delicate balance.

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