Writing Challenge: Nov 22, 2017

Prompt: Write a poem or short story that uses dialogue between two people

“No more avoiding it. I need the truth. Do you love me?”

He sighed and looked away. I could see the internal struggle on his face. After a second that felt like an eternity, he spoke:

“I don’t love you, and I don’t think I ever could.”

I knew he didn’t say it to be cruel, but the words stopped my heart and breathe. I had asked for honesty, but this was far beyond my worst nightmares.

“I- I’m sorry” He croaked. He looked so sincere. His eyes heavy and brow furrowed. “I tried.” He said, his voice cracking. “I really tried.”

I looked at him, too stunned to even cry. I believed him- I really did- and that hurt even more.


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