Writing Challenge: March 15, 2018 Prompt: What Causes thunder? Explain it. When my sister and I were young we used to joke that thunderstorms occurred when God went bowling. Summers in Houston were often gray and we, giving us ample opportunities to enhance our little fantasy. The rolling thunder was the ball gliding down the … Continue reading Thunder

Holiday Surprise

Writing Challenge: Dec 26, 2017 Prompt: Review your day, week, or month in a poem Day Chosen- Dec 16 He tells me he won’t make it. I had been singing “Home for Christmas” for days, And he will be- Home for Christmas, that is- Just not for my birthday. “I tried” he says, and I … Continue reading Holiday Surprise

March 29

writing challenge: Dec 22, 2017 Prompt: Write about the date of an anniversary March 29 was the day you disappeared. Earlier that day I had texted you, elated by the news that I had just bought a plane ticket to see the boy that you always said was “the one” for me. Your last words … Continue reading March 29

Climb Mountains

writing challenge: Dec 18, 2017 Prompt: Find a motivational poster online and write something inspired by it. poster: Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world. In the Valley everyone seems to be enchanted by Mt. Timpanogos. It is a lumbering form with several well-known trails and … Continue reading Climb Mountains

Night Owl

writing Challenge: Dec 14, 2017 Prompt: Write about staying up late at night I’ve always loved staying up late at night; maybe that's why I don’t mind working the late shift. When I get home the people of the day are asleep. I love when everything is quiet and I feel like I am the … Continue reading Night Owl

Hufflepuff Pride

writing challenge: Dec 12, 2017 Prompt: Imagine living in a home underground. Write about that. The Hufflepuff Common room is underground and near the kitchens. The doors and windows are round, and the whole place is filled with a variety of plants, and decorated in Earth tones- in short- it’s a hobbit hole, which, according … Continue reading Hufflepuff Pride


Writing Challenge: Dec 10, 2017 Prompt: Think of gears, moving parts, and anything mechanical The toothy-circles turn- gears I think they are called. As they rotate they pull along a strip of buffalo leather- called a pulley. Faster and fast the gears spin the pullies move making a hissing sound that echoes throughout the factor. … Continue reading Machine


Writing Challenge: Dec 7. 2017 Prompt: Write about a time you forgave someone or someone forgave you I don’t forgive you for what you did. Everyone says “forgiveness is key” They say you “have to forgive” And that “forgiveness is for you”. But, I disagree. I don’t forgive you because you aren’t sorry. You don’t … Continue reading Forgiveness


Writing Challenge: December 4, 2017 Prompt: Go to a website that has a "word of the day" and use it as your inspiration Word: Xanadu- a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment Xanadu: paradise. A place of peace and perfection. It may be a beach of white sand and palm trees. It may be … Continue reading Xanadu


Writing Challenge: Dec 2, 2017 Prompt: Write about how it feels when you can't focus   Below is a description of my attempts to study for finals. Maybe it’s not that I Can’t focus, it’s more that I don’t want to focus. I have so many other things I’d rather be doing than studying. I … Continue reading Studying