We’re Not Twins

Writing Challenge: September 3, 2018

Prompt: Write something inspired by the line: “No, we’re not twins”.

10 months and 2 days- we had that line memorized from near infancy. Whenever my Mom would take us out we were inevitably asked if we were twins. This frequent question was likely exacerbated by my mother’s tendency to cut our hair in the same style and dress us in identical clothes. Over the years my sister and I became used to our close association and occasional identification crises.

We’re not twins, not unless your count the “Irish Twin” myth of children born in the same year. We were born 10 months and 2 days apart in the year 1993. At first glance you might be tempted to think so, but when you look closely you can see our many differences: my sister’s round and rosy cheeks, light-copper hair, and hazel-brown eyes are not the same as my pale, oval face, golden hair, and aqua eyes. You can see the inch-differences in our height, our upper-body shape, and the differences in our personalities despite our identical mannerisms.

No, we’re not twins. She was born on Valentine’s Day and I was born in December.

No, we’re not twins, though we are the same numerical age from December to February when she tallies up again.

No, we’re not twins, we’ve always been careful to cultivate different friend-groups and interests to show our uniqueness.

No, we’re not twins, but we are sisters and we are as close as two siblings can get.

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