The Box

Writing Challenge: Sept 15, 2017

Prompt: Imagine finding a box. What is inside?

Outside, in the center of the grove of trees that grow in the backyard, I see a box. It is a pale wood, perfectly symmetrical, and entirely unremarkable- except for the simple fact that  no one knows where it came from.

I go outside; Intrigued, drawn-in, by the mystery.

I approach cautiously, but curiously. I cannot turn back. I do not. I will not.

Tentatively, I touch the smooth surface. It’s cool beneath my fingers.

Gingerly I lift the lid. It’s weighty, but not heavy.

I peer inside.


There are stars, comets, and darkness. There are planets spinning around.

My eyes widen in wonder.

In my amazement I let the lid drop.

I open it again.

Now it’s a coral reef.

Fish, dolphins, sharks, and rays swim about.

Corals grow in every bright color imaginable.

I blink. I close the lid again.

Once more I open the box.

I look at an enchanted forest.

Golden leaves canopy over chocolate tree trunks.

Little imps, and chattering fairies dart among roots.

Chirping birds and fluttering butterflies flit among the leaves.

This time when I lower the lid, I pick up the box and bring it inside.


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