Three Months, Three Things Unsaid

writing challenge: Jan 6, 2018

Prompt: Write 3 things he could never tell her.

She hasn’t talked to me in three months. Three. This is the longest I’ve gone without hearing from her. She said she’d never speak to me again. I didn’t believe her. But now, I’m starting to think she may have meant it.

Three months. Three. I haven’t tried to talk to her. She said “no more.” I respected that. I always have. She’s always come back when she was ready. I never told her, but I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t.

Three months. Three months of silence. I almost want to break it, but I promised I wouldn’t. If nothing else, I keep my promises. It’s been too long. I can’t break it now- but three whole months? I’m lonely without her. I’m lonely every time she leaves. I’ve never told her before, but I miss her when she’s gone.

It’s been three months. I’ve now gone three months without her. I never thought she would really go. I’m starting to think I should do something to win her back. I never realized how much I depend on her. I never thought about it. Maybe that’s what she meant when she said that she felt like I take her for granted. I did. I’m sorry now. I get it now. I never thought about it before, and I never told her before, but I love her- but now it may be too late. She’s been gone for three months.

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