Bluff Utah

Writing Challenge: April 3, 2018

Prompt: Write about a trip you want to take this year.

I’d like to go down to the cliff-dwellings in Bluff. Some friends and I had planned to go last year, but we never formalized our plans. I am a history nerd and a hiker. I love to learn and explore- so how it’s even remotely possible that I have lived in the state for 8 years and haven’t made it out to those archeological gems is a true mystery.

This summer, I will go. I’ll be interning this summer so I won’t have time to go on a long vacation, but I can make it there and back in a weekend.

I don’t want to just see and admire these adobe structures- I want to understand more about the people and the culture who built them, who lived there, who died here. I don’t want to just passively tour the site like another uncaring visitor- I want to attempt to understand a people I know I can never truly meet.

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