Transition Period: the pre-post-grad job hunt

I know that I’ve disappeared for a while, but I swear it’s been for good reason: I’ve been on the job hunt.

With my college graduation fast approaching, the desire to find and begin a “real job” has intensified to a dizzying degree. While I love my current team at work, and will forever be grateful for my current job paying my college tuition- I’ve known for several months that working until 1:15am for low-pay is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. After three years of working night-shift custodial at the University, the job has come to represent “the college years”- the years I spent in unhealthy relationships. The years I spent in repeated cycles of anxiety and depression. The years I spent lost, frustrated, and stunted in growth. Moving on to the next chapter out of college, out of the dead-end job, and out of these unhealthy habits has become a frequent topic in my journal entries. Finishing up my formal education and starting a new career are just two of the steps I’m taking.

At the end of April I will graduate from Utah Valley University with a degree in English, emphasis of writing studies (some universities call it “rhetoric and composition”). My minor is in History. When I first became school I wanted to become a teacher in History and English, and I studied hard for it, before changing my mind last year and refocusing my efforts. Though I loved teaching, I loved my students, and I still love education- I cannot standby the United States’ current education system that treats both teachers and students like products to be produced, consumed, and generally exploited for profits, then discarded and forgotten when the cost is deemed “too high”. The decision to leave the education field was a difficult one and took nearly two years of hard debate to commit to. Once I did formally change my major, I was left with an even harder question: what do I want to do now?

There’s an old joke you’ve probably heard a million times about Liberal Art’s degrees that does a little something like this:  “English Majors end up working in coffee shops”. I’ve found this to be 100% false. In fact, I’ve found that I have too many, rather than too few options to replace my former dream of teaching. Marketing, sales, research, management, communications, and entertainment are just a few of the common fields for English majors to look into with their new degree.  Being unsure which of these new paths would lead me to new passion, I dove headfirst into researching them all.

This is where I’m at. Researching, applying, and waiting. I know that I have an interest in marketing, but that I’m not fond of straight sales. I know I have passion for research, and a talent for communication and want a career that will utilize both. Focusing in on jobs that encompass these skills and interests- I’m actively searching, networking, and putting out feelers for my future. So far, I’ve had two serious email inquires (both too far away, what a shame) and one interview that I feel confident about (knock on wood). My fingers are crossed and my hopes are high.

Everything is looking up moving forward for me, how are things going for you?

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