Role Model

Writing Challenge: May 13, 2018

Prompt: Are you a role model for anyone?


When she told me I was her role model I was taken aback. Me? A role model? How? Why?

We had been friends since high school, for 8 years now. I am not older, I’m not any more accomplished, I’m not rich, or famous, or successful- and yet she told me, with the shy honesty I love about her, that I am her role model.

I almost cried when she told me that she admired my hard work, my dedication, and my positivity. I almost blushed when she told me that she loved stories, my company, and my generosity. I almost died when she said that she was happy we were friends and that I inspired her.

She didn’t know how much I had been struggling at the time. She didn’t know how tired and down trodden I was beginning to feel. She didn’t know how I often felt like I had been wasting my time and energy to accomplish little.

She didn’t know that as much as she said that I inspired her- her words inspired me.


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